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Dale Farm’s ever-expanding Organic range is not only good for you, but also good for nature…

It is becoming increasingly important to care for our environment and preserve our countryside. Dale Farm’s fresh organic milk is produced by United Irish Organics from cows reared and maintained in accordance with organic standards.

This means that the use of artificial pesticides and fertilisers are avoided so our organic farmers develop a fertile soil by growing a variety of crops and employing good farming practices. Cows benefit as they are reared in their natural habitat, on a more natural diet and without the routine use of drugs and antibiotics. This gives the assurance of a quality and taste that you can trust for the entire family.

Organic farms are kinder to the environment as there is less risk of pollution from sprays and lower carbon dioxide production, which is the main global warming gas. Organic farms not only care for the countryside, but also for the wildlife it contains. Therefore a much greater variety of birds, butterflies and plants can be spotted on an Organic farm.

Why are more people choosing Organic?

  • Food safety: Organic farmers, as far as possible, avoid using unnecessary chemical sprays. Food additives linked to asthma and heart disease are among those banned under organic standards
  • The environment: Organic farming is friendlier to the environment so there is a much greater diversity of birds, butterflies and plants on organic farms. Organic standards ban the use of GM technology
  • Animal welfare: Organic farming requires animals to be kept in more natural, free-range conditions with a more natural diet
  • Taste: Many people tell us they buy organic food because they believe it tastes better.

Did you know?! – Three out of every four households in the UK now buy organic food…

Soil Association Logo

What the Soil Association symbol means

The Soil Association organic symbol which is the UK ’s largest and most recognisable trademark for organic produce, can be found on all Dale Farm Organic products.

You can therefore be sure that Dale Farm products purchased have been produced and processed to strict and rigorous animal welfare and environmental standards.

Information courtesy of the Soil Association website.

For more information on Organic products visit www.soilassociation.org

Organic Milk is available in Whole and Semi-Skimmed varieties, in 1 and 2 litre cartons.

Soon to be available; Children’s Organic school milk and Organic Whipping Cream.